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I wish to thank you for a job well done in the remodel of my bathroom. The first thing that impressed me about your work was the attention to  maintaining the cleanliness of my home. Before even beginning work, you and two of your workers completely covered my tile dining room floor (which was to be the work area) with a heavy paper so that it could be kept clean. Then a plastic walkway was made from that area to the garage. Next, my entry hall was covered with the heavy paper.


The next thing that impressed me was the attention to the work by the two workers who performed all the work. They came each day with an agenda of work to be done and did not stop until that work was done. They communicated when there were problems and let me know what it would take to fix the problem and wanted my approval before proceeding.


The third thing that impressed me was that about 10 to 15 minutes before the end of their work day, the workers neatly stacked tools and materials. They then swept all the work and walk area. After that they went over the paper-covered areas with a damp sponge to be sure there was no dust left.


The work was done on time and to my complete satisfaction.


When the work was done, all the areas were cleaned and all debris was taken away.


Thank you for the beautiful bathroom that I had dreamed about for years!



Helen Stout

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