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In 1999 I needed to hire a contractor to remodel /renovate an office building that I recently purchased.  This was a big project for me because I had very little knowledge of the construction business and even less experience with all the red tape stuff like permits, architects, contracts, etc.  This is when I met Al Soto of Elegant Remodeling and Construction.


Mr. Soto proposed a bid for this project and a plan of action to accomplish everything I needed to get this job done.  I decided to give him this opportunity over the other bidders because I felt most comfortable with him because he displayed much knowledge and competence.  My project was a very challenging and complicated six figured task, but I was very impressed how Al Soto met every challenge and complication that arose and took care of everything.   In the end I got so many compliments on how Mr. Soto transformed my building from a beauty shop into a beautiful 3000 sq foot doctor’s office.  No one could believe that this was the same building I purchased.


The project entailed demolition and gutting out the original building only leaving the four exterior walls. Mr. Soto then put on a new roof first and then came the  framing, plumbing, electrical, ac/heating, custom cabinetry and countertops, carpentry, sheetrock,  masonry, concrete, room addition, finishing, painting, tile and carpet installation, specific plumbing requirements installed, and exterior work too.


Overall, Al Soto with Elegant Remodeling and Construction completed this project, bringing my class C property to a class A property.  Therefore, I would highly recommend him to anyone.  I have rehired him at least a dozen times since then for smaller projects.  One couldn’t find anyone more knowledgeable, competent, and professional than Al Soto of Elegant Remodeling and Construction.


My office building is available for reference so you can see that his work speaks for itself.




Leon H Belcher, II, DPM


Home Additions


You want to make the most of your living space and sometimes the best way to do so is to add on. Imagine what you would do with a little extra room, whether it is a two-story addition, a first-floor master bedroom suite, in-law suite, family room addition, or new garage. Our designers are experts at home additions and have worked with hundreds of homeowners like you. View our portfolio of additions to see the quality of our work.

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